Cellular Automaton

During my master I programmed a cellular automata simulator. Its called "Callular Automaton".

It has the following feature set:

  • Written completly in Java 8 (supports all major platforms)
  • More-8 and von-Neumann-4 environments
  • Different grid sizes (10x10, 30x30, ..., 100x100)
  • Configurable simulation speed in ms.
  • Generation plotter providing information on entity population size over time
  • Freely defineable entity types
    • Name
    • Color on grid
    • Initial population size
    • Unlimited number of entity parameters (data types String, Bollean, Integer, Double)
    • Active-inactive-state per parameter
  • Freely defineable global parameters
    • Unlimited number of parameters
    • Data types String, Bollean, Integer, Double
    • Active-inactive-state per parameter
  • Unlimited number of simulation rules
    • Integrated development environment
    • Access to simulation environment (grid, entities, global parameters)
    • Java-based scripting based on MVEL
  • Integrated screenshot engine
  • Integrated video output of simulation (see video above)
  • Export/import of simulator configurations to XML for exchange and later reuse

I implemented several diffent simulations:

  • Game of life
  • Cell movement and aging
  • Fox vs. Rabbit (see video above)

The simulator, documentation and example configurations can be downloaded here (Apache 2.0 licensed).